• Karyna do Monte

    Ka - ree - nuh

  • Karyna is currently a rational7 Trusted Advisor to Banco de Crédito del Perú, the largest bank and leading supplier of integrated financial services in the country with approximately US$ 39 billion in total assets. She is also founder and CEO of Archie.io, a NYC-based Salesforce implementation company focused on innovative and transparent solutions for global companies.


    Karyna's expertise lies in working with industry leaders to develop high functioning sales, service and operational systems through the innovative implementation of Salesforce as well and bringing together AI, IOT, CX and Cloud at scale. Her company is well-known for its work with various tech startups including Oscar Health, as well as Johnson & Johnson, Lifescan Latin America, and JetBlue Airways. Archie’s services include end-to-end Salesforce implementation, third party app integrations, system migration, data migration, sales funnel optimization, sales coaching, project management and ongoing technical support.


    An alumni of Boston University and Florida International University, Karyna is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and also proficient in French and Italian. Her portfolio includes global travel experience including extensive projects in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

  • Principles

    “Effort is its own reward.

    We are here to do.

    And through doing to learn;

    and through learning to know;

    and through knowing to experience wonder;

    and through wonder to attain wisdom;

    and through wisdom to find simplicity;

    and through simplicity to give attention;

    and through attention to see what needs to be done…”


    ~Ben Hei Hei Pirke Avot 5:27

  • Company Info

    Salesforce.com implementation company based in New York, NY with offices in London and the Caribbean.



    Recent Clients include:

    • Johnson & Johnson
    • JetBlue Airways
    • Oscar Health Insurance
    • LifeScan, Latin America
    • Artivest Holdings
    • NewWhip Media
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